A collaboration

2 October 2017 | London

Glug have had a long standing collaboration with the fabulous team behind WeTransfer. We've gotten up to many fun shenanigans together and we whole heartedly believe WeTransfer is the service that'll propel collaboration and opportunities over any and all borders in the creative industry.

Events Co-curation

The pinnacle on this journey (so far!) have been the event where we together explored all things 'Passion Projects' during an evening in Old Street, London. 

Together we invited a fab mix of creatives from across the industry who came and shared their stories and experiences in running side-hustles, passion projects and the importance of them.

We were really lucky to welcome Andy, Shahnaz, Rob, Dave and Angela the Glug London home in Old Street — The Trampery — and we saw over 220 Gluggers attend the evening with us and the team from WeTransfer as co-hosts. See all the lovely photos from the event here: Glug x WeTransfer: Passion Projects

WeTransfer <3

You know WeTransfer, right?

The file-sending thing. Did you know we’re actually all about helping people share their creative ideas? Every month, one billion files are sent through the platform which is a lot of ideas. We also have a long commitment to the creative industries. Every year we give billions of page impressions to showcase the amazing work of artists, designers, musicians, writers and charities. And we work with people like FKA twigs, Gilles Peterson, Rankin, ELCAF and Nelly Ben Hayoun to help make their passion projects a reality. 


Make sure to check out the WeTransfer blog: This Works