28th April 2019 | Islamabad
Glug Islamabad 2019 Launch Highlights

This spring, Glug and Sketch organized their first ever networking event in Pakistan. Commemorating its mission in championing with creative communities around the world, the event was held at Hangout, Islamabad invited a panel of hosts and speakers to showcase awesome work, share experiences and meet like-minded people. 

The launched featured talks from creative people, agencies, start-ups, and exciting up-and-coming talents, and of course tons of time for seriously light-hearted 'notworking'. Two lucky winners were picked as part of a raffle among attendees and will enjoy a Sketch license for the whole year, on the house! 


This launch was the occasion for the Glug family to welcome its new member, Roshaan Saeed! CEO of Stipple and overall good egg, she launched her first chapter in collaboration with SketchApp and Payoneer to empower the local design industry and raise awareness of various design platforms she works with daily. 
To host the event, we had the pleasure to hear from Mamoon Sabri, who's no stranger to telling a story and cracking up with the audience.


The first speaker of the event, Nabeel Yousaf, shared his story and told us about the failures he faced in the field of film production. Initially a farmer, his uncommon journey eventually put him on the path of his true calling.

The awesome architect Zara highlighted the importance of women empowerment and design struggles in Pakistan. Self-starter and creative to bits, she loves getting her hands dirty in order to pursue her passion and told us about how she transformed herself and struggled against all odds of the society to prove that “Women can do anything”. 


Harris Ejaz, vigilant creative director, shared his experience about his animated movie Allahyar the legend of Markhor. This was an incredible opportunity to discover his concept and thought process as well as how his team work through sketches, character design and animation. Through live videos, he discussed the step by step guide and what went behind the scenes.

To close the line-up, Tehmina Khurram got us cracking up to her laughter therapy and made us feel fresh and light by making us giggle in harmony, ready to enjoy some live music by the incredible Sarim Bukhari.
We also heard from Priya Osannah Smith, the marketing manager of Payoneer in Pakistan and Bangladesh, who gave her remarks on the benefit of events for advocating and challenging creativity and raising awareness among its participants.

Overall, the event was attended by around 80+ persons with from plenty of background and organizations, as any Glug should be.


Big kudos to the various media partners that made this evening possible, including Masooma Zuberi from M.Z Productions and Photography and Urooba Khalid Khan from Focus Productions, whose team came all the way from Peshawar and Lahore to cover the event. 
And of course, the biggest of them all goes to our new host Roshaan who did an incredible work on her first ever chapter: "we should bring our best capabilities and work our magic to bring international communities together and encourage the organizers who support the creative cause" she told us after the event. Nailed it.

See more pictures from the event over here and keep updated about the Roshaan's next chapters in Islamabad by giving the page a follow 👏

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