16th October 2021 |
Hello Microsoft Surface!

As y’all will have probably heard we recently teamed up with Microsoft Surface to bring some of their epic devices to our London and Bristol Chapters. To kick-off the collab we challenged Gluggers to help us create the Glug Alphabet – we’ve been piecing the letters together and lets just say it’s looking radiant. 


We made a big splash at the London CANNT Summer Party with a dance floor dedicated to Microsoft Surfaces. Each hour a new brief invited Gluggers to doodle what they had for brekky, jot down what they were sippin’ on and in true disco style we left the last half for freestylin’! As we know everyone loves a funky self-portrait, we invited the extra talented Adriana and Jade Evans down to the events to work their illustrative magic and draw some faces on the Surfaces. 

We caught up with the Microsoft Surface team to find out more about the fusion of creativity and Microsoft Surface.. 

Creativity is essential for everyone to thrive in the future. Yet for too long, technology and outdated business cultures have stifled our creative ability.

Creativity is not just about being artistic, it’s the ability to innovate faster, solve problems in a new way and make ideas a reality. To do this, technology and culture needs to work together to unlock creative potential – helping people capture great thinking and bring their ideas to life in a seamless, intuitive and powerful way.


Microsoft Surface devices are designed to meet the needs of modern professionals, providing the tools they need to empower everyone to be creative and innovative wherever they are.

We’ve been working hard to understand how to get everyone their creative flow, they need a fluid device, one that feels invisible and removes the technological barriers of old.

That’s why we designed the Surface Pro to be just like a modern notebook – there to catch ideas in the moment of inspiration, whether a detailed plan, or a hand-drawn sketch.
Meanwhile – a creatives’ favourite -  the Surface Studio is the ultimate digital drafting board, designed to capture ideas at the speed of a thought. While Surface Book’s versatile screen makes it a touchscreen laptop, a presentation device and a tablet for downtime on the way home, the Surface Laptop is a modern twist on a device we know well.

All devices run Windows 10 allowing technology to work seamlessly, rather than being a barrier to creative thinking. Creativity is a skill that can be taught and developed over time. However, it’s everyone’s business to empower individuals to find ways to flex their creative muscle, by providing the right culture, environment, training and technology.

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