13th June 2017 | London
Wanted: Glug Editors at Large!

*Applications for Editors at Large have now been closed, but we're accepting all content contributions for publication across the all global Glug channels in return for full disclosure of origin, author and contact details. Submit content to: for consideration*


As Glug moves into its next phase of global creative domination, we’re looking for a small elite fighting force of Editors at Large to help bring us stories, inspiration and insights on the world’s most creative people and places.

Glug now runs events in over 25 cities worldwide, we have 15 new cities signed up to launch this year, by 2018 we hope to make that more like 100 cities, but we want to do more to bring together this global creative community outside of these events. It’s for this reason we started to film most of our talks this year, which you can now watch online. But we feel we can do more, that’s where you come in…


Having spent some time thinking about what makes Glug special, we’ve set up three core editorial themes we want our editors to explore:

1. Creative inspiration

Quite simply we’re after amazing stories, creative content to inspire us in our day to day life. 

We are in search of both global & hyper local creative trends.

2. Making it in the industry

Glug is there to help people on their career journey from university or higher education through to becoming business owners or senior creative leaders. We want to discover and report on insights, tips and interviews from creative heroes around the world.

3. Your creative city

We want to hear about some of the most interesting creative cities and places. The hidden places and spaces from people on the ground. 


What we can offer?

To begin with, we’d like to start by recruiting 5 initial Editor’s at Large. In return for your efforts we’ll heavily promote these Creative Champions. You will be part of a pr campaign, will be hero for your efforts across all our channels, and at the end of 6 months we’d love you to come and give a talk about what you’ve discovered at one or more of our events.

We can also offer up to £100 per month to cover expenses each month. We appreciate this isn’t a great deal, but for now it’s what we can afford while we get this off the ground. We’re hoping the types of people attracted to this role will be doing it for reasons other than money.

In addition if you last more than 3 months, we’ll give you a Golden Ticket to Glug allowing you to go (and take 3 friends) to any event in the world, forever…

Oh and you can obviously use this material for your own channels and PR...

What we need?

Passionate, creative champions. People that care about the industry they work in, want to give up some of their time to help others starting out or getting along in the industry. You are interested and interesting, can write a reasonable article from time to time, have a good sense of humour and strong creative eye.

On a monthly basis we’d like you create 1 self written piece on a subject of your choices, potentially interview a creative hero or champion (we can help introduce you), plus discover and re-post creative inspiration and stories you find.


How do I apply?

Send an email to with a short email explaining why you think you’d be great for the role. Ideally anything you’ve written in the past (but not essential), plus a selection of 3 things you’ve loved discovering this week! 

As always Thanks for supporting Glug and helping to make it what it is today! Without your support, well we’d be two sad blokes standing on stage in an empty room

Ian & (Nick)

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