6th April 2017 |
Bye bye Meetup!

Latest news from Glug World:

We’re moving off Meetup!  
As much as we’ve enjoyed our time here on Meetup (and all the opps to chat to you guys!) we know operate a little differently compared to when we set up almost a decade ago. Considering our magic growth the last year we’ve made the decision to move all our Global Glug chapters under one roof – our site.

Wanna continue coming to Glug events? Of course you do!  It’ll be super simple to stay up to date and follow us as we pop up around the world. 

Here are 3 things that’ll ensure you’re one of enlightened ones:

– Sign up to our Global Glug News >
Our monthly mailer filled with the greatest global content, discounts and goodies, our upcoming plans as well as a mix of highlights from all of our global community.

– Go follow your local chapter on Twitter >
Not only will you be the first to know when the new event details drops, you’ll also be able to stay in the loop of what’s going on closest to you. Visit the above link and take your pick!

– Keep an eye out on the Attend section >
Of course we’ve got the latest events listing under one roof – the ‘attend’ section on our site. Here you’ll find all the info you need, and the ticket links so you can come an join in on the fun.

That's it – let us know if you've got any questions around this, we're all ears...

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