10th November 2016 | London
November Recapping!

Phew. We've had another big one. 

As per usual in our Glug London home, The Trampery Old Street, things got a little emoti- I mean -inspirational. In a week where everyone lost a little bit of faith in modern life (looking at you - presidential election outcome) our speakers were on hand to pick us up and made us want to kick right back into action.

What happened? Well...

Availo has launched! YES! They're bridging the big gap in communication between freelancers and the clients who hire them and are making finding new work as easy peasy as replying to a message on your phone.

Human After All asked us a very pertinent question; "what is the future of publishing?" and showed us the importance of putting some well deserved thought behind print. 

From a brain fart to an innovative way we draw and make notes, Made by Those has realised JOTO. We were taken through the baby steps of bringing an idea from start to kickstarter, and how you can be part of an incredible movement. Hint: here.

We also heard from Hana Tanimura who's a Senior Designer at Google Creative Labs about how they are inventing the future and revealed her three steps to a better (creative) life: 1. Be open-minded 2. Embrace difference 3. Be kind. 

Sennep stayed very on topic and introduced to us a new way for people to make important decisions. Is democracy working? Sway is a new app where users can choose the level to which they can examine any one subject. At every level, the user can vote in order to get to the next deeper level of knowledge. The more levels the user explores and votes on, the greater sway their next vote has. If only more people had this readily available a few weeks ago...

Not to mention we also had the brilliant NB Studio over explaining how they got banned by TFL and slated by the students at Ravensbourne by being generally awesome at what they do and being their amazing selves. The rest just had to catch up. Spoiler alert: they did.

Our buds over at Zelig Sound treated our ears to some spectacular work they've been creating from the comfort of their eh- desk chairs.

Last but definitely not least we got some goodies on the night!! Big thanks to FontSmith for getting us some juicy type specimens to hand to our appreciative Gluggers. Also the lovely Elif Gurbuz spiced up our goodiebags with some forever handy MukDesign notebooks. Check out their twitter to see what else they get up to! @Muk_Design

See below for some images of the night. And don't get FOMO next time, check out our upcoming events and be there!

Words by Elkie Vanstiphout from team Glug London

We borrowed some awesome pics from our lovely Gluggers! Thanks to @HumanAfterAll, @madebythose, @OAlieri, @gn0me@chloefinlayson @Muk_Design & @Typecally 

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