7 June 2017 | New York

Designing with Purpose

Hello Gluggers!

Today, more than ever brands are expected to be activists : to not only take a social stance, but back up their words with action. The rewards for those brands that succeed - Tom’s, Tesla, Warby Parker - are great, and the downside for those who stumble - Pepsi, United, Uber, Under Armor - is steep.

Join Two Goats and Good is the New Cool and Creative Alliance for GlugNYC ‘Designing with Purpose’ which brings together thought-leaders from the worlds of advertising, brands and social entrepreneurship who are interested in using the power of design and creativity to do more good in the world.

As usual, OPEN BAR, scrumptious FOOD, MUSIC and immersive activations brought to you by Two Goats – a VIRTUAL REALITY Advertising Studio, and founders of Glug New York, a thought leadership event series, designed for the creative community.

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Richard Cumming – President/CEO at Two Goats 

Afdhel Aziz – Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Conspiracy of Love

Jenifer Willig – Co-founder of Motive and Whole World Water
Jenifer Willig is the co-founder of motive – a social innovation company that believes social and economic progress should not be mutually exclusive. motive works with large companies and organizations to help model social impact into their business. Clients include Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing, Getty Images, Gap Inc., Old Navy, the TRUTH campaign, Human Trafficking Pro Bono Legal Services, GE, Friends of the Global Fight, Tribeca Shortlist and more. Jenifer is also the co-founder of WHOLE WORLD Water, a social enterprise uniting the hospitality & tourism industry to raise money for clean and safe water projects around the world. Prior to starting motive, Jenifer led the (RED) organization founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver to fight AIDS in Africa. During her tenure (RED) raised $185 million+ by partnering with iconic brands including Nike, Apple, Dell, Microsoft, Starbucks and more becoming a global brand with a social following of over 2.5 million advocates. In 2013 she was named one of the 10 Most Generous Marketing Geniuses by Catch a Fire’s Generosity Series featured on Fast Company and is one of the 40 women to watch over 40. Jenifer is a NationSwell council member; is on the board of the I AM WATER Conservation Foundation. And a 92 Street Y Women in Power mentor.

Jason Harris – President/CEO at Mekanism, Chair of Creative Alliance

Zeppa Kreager – Director of Creative Alliance 

Dan Shannon – Managing Director at Purpose
Dan Shannon helps mission-driven organizations build engaged communities of supporters through smart strategy, compelling campaigns, and world-class content, including the ACLU, UNICEF, and the Gates Foundation. Previously, Dan worked at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, where he launched and grew peta2, a youth-focused sub-brand, to an audience of more than 1,000,000 people. Dan lives in Brooklyn with his wife Annie and their daughter Sadie, where they run a popular vegan lifestyle blog & have written two vegan cookbooks. This solar system's yellow sun gives him a wide range of super powers.

Danny Lafuente – Co-Founder of 
Simple Vodka
Danny Lafuente is the co-founder and CEO of Simple Vodka, a socially conscious startup in the Wine & Spirits industry. Simple Vodka is an ultra smooth, gluten-free potato vodka distilled in Idaho and distributed in NYC and Miami. For every drink serving produced, Simple Vodka donates at least 1 meal to hungry people in the US (20 meals per bottle).  Previously, he was the Assistant Director at NYU’s Berkley Innovation Lab and worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs on business modeling and fundraising. He is the co-founder of The LAB Miami, a coworking space in Miami, FL; Mano Americas and 01, a maker-focused education and events company; and SciTech Scity, a science and technology campus in Jersey City. He graduated in 2010 with a B.A. in International Relations from the University of Pennsylvania.