9 February 2017 | Manchester

Glug Manchester #4

  • Fuzzy Duck
  • Sneaky Raccoon
  • Aymi Duignan
  • Creative Spark

WE ARE BACK with the return of Glug Manchester #4 'Manchester presents'

Well underway in the Northern Quarter as we get ready for the 4th event on Thursday 9th February at our favourite bar Noho!

Standard Ticket price - £6.50 includes entry, a drink and pizza!

Glug Manchester are fans of storytelling and sharing, seeing ideas come to life, viewing successful projects and hearing about first jobs that paved a career. For this reason they bring to you great speakers who are willing to share their amazing experiences.

See you there!
Glug Manchester



Matt Geeling – head of motion at Fuzzy Duck.


Bio – Matt is the Head of Motion at Fuzzy Duck. He coordinates and oversees the animation projects created, but is also hands on in producing a range of animation content.
Title – New ways of viewing animation
Overview – Whilst the large majority of the animations Fuzzy Duck produces are created to be viewed on screen, some of the work is made to be viewed in different ways. Matt's talk will look at some of these approaches. 

Anna Mullin – Art Director & Graphic Designer at Sneaky Raccoon.


Bio –  Sneaky Raccoon is the artist name and work of Manchester based freelance Graphic Illustrator and Designer, Anna Mullin — who specialises in identity design, bespoke typography and unique characters. 
Title – Love Yourself
Overview – A talk about how important it is to do and make work that you love and how it can shape your career and life along the way. Love Yourself isn't about ego — it's about learning to trust your inner design instincts and your own self. 

Aymi Duignan – Artist / Entrepreneur

Bio – Aymsdesigns is the internationally recognised creation of UK based contemporary artist Aymi Duignan. Aymi has already sold her original artwork, limited edition prints, collectable clothing and accessories in 19 countries around the world
Title – Believing anything can be done, if you just do it and do it well
Overview – Aymi's talk will be about her story which includes her art world and business. Why and how she got to where she is today, including the not so fun parts of the journey that is still far from over.

James Oconnell – Deputy Creative Director at Creative Spark
Bio – By day James is Dep Creative Director at Creative Spark and by night he creates and illustrates under the moniker Jamesp0p.
Title – Work in progress
Overview – His talk is about how life as a creative is a perpetual unconventional work in progress, mentioning the highs and lows of getting to where he is now.

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